New S519 HD for ALSA Supra


They are ready and waiting.
The new five units “S519 HD” of the ComfortClass 500 for Alsa Supra service.
With this new model assumes that new S519HD, will go to replace the oldest “Mercedes-Benz Travego” (perhaps the Euro IV or Euro V).
This new model has a more efficient thanks to its Mercedes-Benz OM471 Euro 6 engine generation. In addition the “Coach Multimedia System” where everything is measured to more favorable driving experience.
This model is one of the safest coaches thanks to the ABA 2 (Active Brake Assist), where the bus automatically brakes if necessary, before a speeding. Also, the rest break reminder for the driver. All this coupled with the new FCG (Front Collision Guard) which protects the driver in a frontal collision.


This bus belonging to “Supra Class” of Alsa, equivalent to a Business on a plane, is equipped with a high level of comfort for passengers.

Among its amenities include:

•2+1 Seat Configuration.
• Leather seats.
•Wi-Fi on board.
•Catering Service with stewardess
•USB Power Connector.
•Individual Touchscreen with games, movies, series, internet…
•Table Seat.
•Invidual Airconditioner (Hot/Cold).
• VIP Lounges at stations.
• Checking luggage through security camera, visible from the seat screen.
•And more…

If you If you want to discover more about this service visit the website of ALSA.

Some images of the Service (Now in the Mercedes-Benz Travego).

Catering on board
Individual Touchscreen
2+1 configuration

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